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At the risk of sounding cold and detached, there is only one thing that I truly miss while in Tokyo. It's not the people of San Francisco — with things like Skype, it's easy enough to get in and to stay in touch — or the landscape — while not dotted with the hills my beloved hometown (if that's what you can call it) boasts so proudly, Tokyo's downtown cityscape is at times so bustling it's hard to think about anything other than getting from Point A to Point B. When roaming the streets of Tokyo, you quickly learn to snap to attention in a heartbeat, lest you find yourself a victim of pedestrian bowling games that bicyclists play on the sidewalks that line the metropolis's car-filled streets... Read More →
I am, perhaps, one of those people whom parents do not want their kids to be influenced by, to look up to. Among other reasons, I like meeting strangers, eating and drinking with them, hanging out with them. The way I see it, we were all — at one time recent or long ago — strangers to one another. I am one of those people who does not believe in altruism, in true selflessness. I believe that giving coexists with receiving — while the so-called "reward" of "altruism" may not be monetarily or quantifiably equal, it is most certainly emotionally so. There is perhaps nothing more satisfying, more happiness-inducing, for me than to see others happy. I love helping people — you could probably even say I thrive on it and you wouldn't be too far off. Read More →